Travel Theme: Sunset

  Donsol, Sorsogon

Buddha’s Bone

Atop the tower of Wat Chalong lies one of the most sacred relics of Religion and Philosophy.  

Intramuros: The Walled City

Within the fortifications of this historical district lies Spain’s seat of power during its 333 years of reign over the Philippines.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreaming

Travel Theme: Food

Creative juices flowing. Only at the Elephant Parade!

Vietnam: After the War

A short stop at the city of Saigon

Cebu: Manila Minus the Mayhem

You don’t always have to fly to the capital just to get to the Philippines.

Travel Theme: Night

Somebody’s having a grumpy night at the World’s Happiest Place…

Baguio: The City of Pines

The Philippines isn’t just all about beaches. 6 hours away from Manila, 1,500 meters above sea level, the City of Baguio flourishes amidst the cold embrace of the clouds.

The Oblation

  Right at the heart of U.P., The Oblation stands as a symbol of selfless offering of oneself to the country and to humanity.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Sorry, I never really had the chance to enjoy the Halloween until I was 19.

Travel Theme: Secret Places

  Inaccessible by “bangka” (local outrigger canoe) andĀ surrounded by steep limestone walls, the Secret Beach is one of the enchanting places you’ll find inĀ El Nido.

10 Reasons Why It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Posting a day late for Independence Day. Here is a list why you’ll fall head over heels with the Philippines.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

9 Reasons why my 4 years in UP (University of the Philippines) was a blast!

Macau: East Vegas

Skip the slot machines. Macau is more than just a strip of casinos.

Travel Theme: Rhythm

Musical splashes and colors flowing.

Coron: Prismatic & Pristine

This is where it all started.

Travel Theme: Street Market

My entry to Ailsapm’s theme for the week.

Xiamen: City of Stones

God made the world. And everything else was made in China…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

  One of my favorites. Taken during our recent visit to Phuket.

Bohol: Island of Natural Wonders

The Chocolate Hills and the Tarsiers may be Bohol’s main tourist attractions. But wait, there’s more!

Hong Kong: Beyond Metropolis

There’s more to this city than high-rise buildings and busy subway stations.

Cambodia: A Past Revisited

A kingdom with a colorful history marked by a dark past.

El Nido: A Slice of Heaven on Earth

One word: PARADISE  

Singapore: City of the World

A convergence of cultures. Embracing traditions. Driven by modernity.

Phuket: Book It!

Where the sun kisses the naked buns and the topless peaks; where the night blankets the crowded streets and the unending drinks!  

Donsol: Home of the Whale Sharks

Two hours away from Manila. A plane. A shuttle. Between the hills and the sea. In the land of the fireflies. A gentle giant. One of my life’s greatest experiences.  

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