10 Reasons Why It’s More Fun in the Philippines

Posting a day late for Independence Day. Here is a list why you’ll fall head over heels with the Philippines.

1. The People

Ifugao, Banawe, Rice Terraces

Igorot Elders


2. The Beaches


3. The Cheap Stuff

BF Paranaque

Beer and Friends: Priceless


The Freshest Catch

4. The Wild

Camarines Sur

Caramoan, Camarines Sur

5. The Dive



6. The History


Magellan’s Cross, Cebu

7. The Shops


Street Market, Mactan

8. The Speak

In case you get lost, don’t worry. English is widely spoken, and you can always ask somebody for directions.

We don’t bite.

Greenbelt, Makati

Note to Self

9. The Festivities

Aklan, Caticlan, Boracay

Ati-Atihan Festival

10. The 7,107 Islands

And we haven’t even counted Spratly’s yet!

Crosswinds, Cavite



Hundred Islands, Pangasinan